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"Music is the silence between the notes"
Claude Debussy 

About Alan

Alan Catz is a music composer and pianist from Buenos Aires, Argentina.​

He started playing piano at 8 but it wasn't until 18 when he met his first mentor, Olga Sakovich, a Russian piano teacher trained at the Kiev's Conservatory, who clasically trained him and who encouraged Alan to be a musician by sending him to study at the Conservatory of Music 'Manuel de Falla', one of Argentina's most prestigous Conservatory

After graduating, he took Film Scoring classes with composer Eric Kuschevatzky and Jazz theory with pianist Manuel Fraga.


Actually, Alan studies with Fernanda Morello, one of the most prestigious concert pianist from Argentina and also studies at Escuela de Musica Contemporanea, one of Berklee Global Partners.

He works side by side with his twin brother Uriel composing music for video games and media.


One of his major dreams is to conduct his own orchestra playing his soundtracks in a large theater. Just as one of his favorite composers, Joe Hisaishi.

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